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Matching your Metals to your Wedding Dress

You have found your dream dress, now it is time to glamourize your look by accessorizing.  When choosing your wedding jewellery, there is just one rule: Don’t Overdo It.

Sometimes it is a tad difficult to match a certain type of metal with the shade of white found in your wedding dress.

Need a little guidance? Follow these 3 simple tips to ensure that you will look like a queen on your big day:

If you are wearing a ‘White’ dress:  It is essential to remember that by dressing up for your wedding day, you want to create a flowing, continuous picture.  You want your entire ensemble to be the focal point, not just your accessories.   To achieve this, try to stick with pearl & platinum hues, since gold accessories might clash with the brightness of your white wedding dress.

If you are wearing a ‘Diamond-white’ dress:  This is a good shade, since this barely off-white colour works with just about anything: gold, silver, rose gold, etc.  Just keep in mind, even though you can pull off almost any type of metal with this dress, pick something true to your own personal style.

If you are wearing an ‘Ivory’ dress:  When you are wearing this shade, it is important to keep in mind the softness of this specific colour.  The Ivory dress has a candlelight glow to it, and certain versions may have some yellow undertones.   So, for a perfect match, stick to a gold jewellery when you are picking your accessories.  By doing this, you will be highlighting the creamy tint of the fabric.

Last but not least;

Be smart:  Ask your consultant to advise you on some accessories that might work with your dress – a little professional advice goes a long way.

Have fun Ladies!